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You only have one life.
Do you want to get more from yours?

Coaching … Helping you find your direction

Live Life provides face-to-face coaching to both personal clients and business owners in Wimbledon and the greater London area, and telephone coaching to clients within the UK.

Many people live with a feeling that there is more to life. If this is you, you probably know that success is round the corner but … something is holding you back.
Coaching is increasingly being used as a way for people to get more from their lives. Making a change is a 5-step process:

1. Make the decision to change
2. Change your limited thinking
3. Decide what you want to do
4. Put a plan in place
5. Take action

Although this process can be easy, many people who try to do this on their own, stumble along the way. Coaching supports you to take these steps consistently, which gets results. Clients who implement this approach with Live Life experience great changes in just a few weeks.

And coaching isn’t just for people with “real problems” or for those who are desperately unhappy. Many people with seemingly insignificant problems have great results with coaching. This is because even small problems can stop you from moving forward.

Nina Hill is the founder and owner of Live Life.
She has a total of 10 years coaching experience and has coached executives, managers, small business owners and professionals in the areas of business and personal development.

I invite you to read through the site for more details on how you can benefit from coaching.
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     If you change nothing,
                                      nothing will change.


I am really impressed by the results I have achieved. So many obstacles have disappeared. I don't think I have ever experienced such direct, powerful results from any other discipline or practitioner.