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My Approach

As coaching is such a personal experience, it is important that you choose the right coach for you. Choose someone you feel comfortable with and whom you can trust.

• It is important that we develop a strong and trusting relationship - if either one of us holds back, it will limit your success. I will help you become aware of how you may be getting in the way of your own desired results and help you figure out how to make the changes needed. I also ask for feedback as this is vital to maintaining and developing a strong relationship. And what you tell me is confidential.

• I provide an environment that is objective, supportive and comfortable for you to explore issues or ideas. I respect your views and believe that successful coaching is based on a relationship of equality between client and coach.

• I offer coaching that has direction and structure. Once we’ve discussed your individual situation, we set and agree on objectives that we work towards. I will provide you with as much structure as you need without tying you into a rigid programme. This will help you achieve what you set out to achieve.

• I use a mixture of coaching skills, professional tools and intuition to help my clients find direction and lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

• I hold you accountable. This helps ensure that you are successful at what you have set out to achieve.

• There are many coaches out there and each one has a different way of practising. My approach to coaching is flexible. Because each person is unique I tailor the coaching sessions to you. And we will work at a pace that suits you.

• I also believe that to create lasting change you need to go deeper than just changing behaviour patterns.  I help you change the thought patterns that may be holding you back.

Guiding Principles

• I care passionately about the wellbeing and success of my clients. I believe each person is able to achieve great things and may simply need a little help unlocking their potential.

• My business is built on trust and honesty and my integrity is key to my business and to me as a person.

• I am committed to my own continued professional development.

• It may be a cliché, but I do practice what I preach. I do not expect anyone to do that which I have not done myself.

I believe in living life to the full. Every day is an adventure and I love my life.

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