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What is Coaching?

I have always found this section of coaching websites filled with jargon and vague language that doesn’t explain what life coaching is in real terms. That is because coaching is a challenge to describe in words, as it is an experience rather than something that you can see or touch.
The very nature of coaching and the unique set of beliefs and life experiences of each individual means that no two coaches and no two clients are the same.  The experience and results for each client is therefore as unique as the individual themselves.

Coaching is NOT about a coach making simplistic judgments about someone else’s life and telling them how they ought to live it.

Coaching simply helps you change whatever you are not happy with in your personal or business life by working with the way you think.  We all know that negative thoughts affect the way we feel.  And if we feel low and unconfident for example, we behave or act very differently to how we would if we were feeling confident or positive.  And the way we behave certainly affects the results we get.
These results affect our career, finances, relationships and health – ultimately determining whether we feel happy and fulfilled, or not.

Coaching provides you with an objective and non-judgemental environment where you can safely and confidentially explore thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back. It helps you come up with a plan to help you move forward. It helps you reassess a problem area in your life and from that establish a direction that you want to work towards.

Coaching will mobilise, motivate and support you to
move forward and live the life you deserve.

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How can coaching help you?

For a second, just think about how you would like your life to be ... This “ideal life” is within your reach. I can show you how. And because all the areas of your life are connected, by improving one area, you could improve them all.

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My husband didn't believe that coaching was going to work, but seeing the change in me he has said that he can't fault it.