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Coaching for Business Owners

"Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

Henry Ford

As a business owner you are your business.  And if you are still reading it is probably because you want something more in your business and you’re just not sure how to get it.
Top performers don’t do it alone. They know their strengths well and compensate for their weaknesses by getting support. I appreciate this, as I have been in the same place myself
Coaching offers you time out and the opportunity to take stock of your business and life.  This allows you to re-adjust the direction you were heading in.

In our coaching sessions we will look at ways that you as an individual may be holding your business back. We will also focus on areas of your business which may need attention and which could do with a review.

I will help you be the best person you can be – to maximize your strengths, gain new perspectives and develop skills and approaches that work better for you. I also help you to manage your employees more effectively, benefiting your business as a whole. You will feel better prepared to meet challenges and be more effective at getting the results you want.

Running a business can also affect the other areas of your life and throw things out of balance. I can help you redress this balance.

The changes you make will have a ripple effect. Even a small change can produce positive results and increased profits.

Benefits of coaching reported by my business clients:

•    You will make better decisions that are right for you
      and your business
•    You will find solutions to problems
•    You will take action
•    You will learn to set boundaries for yourself
•    Your life will be more balanced
•    You will communicate more clearly
•    You may find that you have more energy
•    You will remember the reasons you went into
      business for the first time and recapture your drive to
•    You will experience increased inner confidence, not
      just an external show
•    You will have clarity and direction in you business and
•    Your profits should increase

See Testimonials from previous clients.

You will be successful working with me if you:

•    are committed to making changes.  A commitment to a series of life coaching sessions is an excellent start but you will need to implement your action plan in your everyday life to get real change.
•    are open to new ways of thinking.  If you do what you have always done, you will get the same results.  I will help you to identify and change unsupportive thought patterns.
•    are willing to take immediate action.  If you use the energy and momentum you get during the sessions you will find it much easier to take action.   
•    are realistic.  In this day and age of instant results, people expect instant change. Changing your behaviour may take time, but will still happen faster than if you did it alone.

Do you think coaching is for you and your business?  Learn more about My Approach or Contact Me for more details.

I am really impressed by the results I have achieved. So many obstacles have disappeared. I don't think I have ever experienced such direct, powerful results from any other discipline or practitioner.