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Coaching Packages

Sessional Coaching

Talking to a coach is a very effective way to make changes fast, as you get instant feedback.  I ask questions that will help you think at a deeper level and make the changes you needed to to live life to the full.

Personal Coaching
4 x 45 minute sessions per month initially.
E-mail follow-up.

Coaching for Business Owners
4 x 60 minute sessions per month initially.
E-mail follow-up.

Coaching can be offered either face-to-face or via the telephone. (Conditions apply)

•    Face–to-face Coaching
Face-to-face coaching can be arranged in the Wimbledon area or in Central London.  Some people prefer the face-to-face coaching, as this is more personal.

•    Coaching via telephone
Telephone coaching is more flexible and allows you to save time that you may have spent travelling or if you are not able to get away from the office for an extended period.   It also enables you to be coached by me if you are not able to meet me in Wimbledon or Central London.

E-mail Coaching

•    Thought-provoking question and answer type service
•    Daily (week days) e-mail response
•    You can extend your package on a month-by-month
•    Works best with self-starters who are disciplined, very
      motivated and will take action.

E-mail coaching is less time consuming and offers more flexibility than sessional coaching. It is also a good way for you to get a taste of what it is like to work with me and to help you decide whether life coaching is for you.

Although it is generally acknowledged that verbal coaching is the most effective way to make changes fast, it has been shown that even the act of reading and answering questions relating to your life will start to produce some shifts in your thought patterns.

If, after a while you decide to change to a sessional coaching package, the fees already paid for the email coaching will be deducted on a pro rata basis.

Flexi package

Different people need different things.  If none of the above packages suit you, together we can discuss and design a package which fits around your unique situation.

Standard Procedures

•    Coaching is confidential.
•    Face-to-face coaching is carried out in the Wimbledon
      area or in Central London.
•    Fees are payable monthly in advance.  Coaching
      commences when payment is received.
•    No offer can be taken in conjunction with any other

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I have enjoyed a marked increase in productivity and earnings. A contracted period with Live Life from Nina is certainly well worth the financial investment.