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Here are just some of the ways Live Life clients have benefited from coaching ...


When I first called Nina I was confused and rather intimidated at the thought of changing so many aspects of my life. I am really impressed by the results I have achieved. So many obstacles have disappeared. I don't think I have ever experienced such direct, powerful results from in any other discipline or practitioner. Thank you for your positive energy, enthusiasm and your deep, natural talent in this field. I am already recommending you!

LR – Alternative Therapist (London)



I was introduced to Nina Hill through an article in the London South African Times. We arranged an initial meeting and I was immediately impressed with Nina’s frankness, openness, and the professional manner in which she approached her presentation on the way she could assist my personal and business development.

I contracted to use Nina as my Coach in November 2006. My attitude to organising and conducting my daily tasks changed dramatically. Within a short while Nina’s methods began to bear fruit as I became more disciplined and better organised to perform in my business as a Financial Adviser within a highly successful Wealth Management Group. Subsequently, I have enjoyed a marked increase in productivity and earnings. A contracted period with Live Life from Nina Hill is certainly well worth the financial investment.

Nina’s professional approach is matched by a friendly demeanour, which made our weekly sessions highly enjoyable as well as productive. I highly recommend the services of Nina Hill.

GJ - Senior Partner (London)



My husband didn’t believe that coaching was going to work, but seeing the change in me he has said that he can’t fault it – a real result for me and our relationship.

LH - Executive PA (London)



I have more belief in myself that I can make change and that I need to do what is best for me and not necessarily what I feel obligated to do. Nina gave me the time and encouragement to tackle numerous decisions I had been procrastinating over and gave me the drive to start acting on those decisions. I would recommend life coaching to those who feel they have ended put on a different course to the one they had hoped. Nina has an excellent capacity to get you thinking about what is really important to you!

DM - Brighton



Previously procrastination was the order of the day and the stealer of dreams. Taking action has now become fun! Things seem to be easier. I’ve also improved my general well-being, changed my diet to coincide with my sports training and have an improved and closer relationship with my mother. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Nina.

MV - Coach (Manchester)



Thanks to Nina's coaching skills, I was much more prepared mentally for the upcoming interviews in my job search - I was more focused, sharper, more self confident and more assertive and therefore able to fully express my whole personality.

Nina is very professional and has strong technical skills. She also makes you feel comfortable very quickly, which means that you can start working on the key issues and get results faster. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nina to any professional or executive.

JCF – Business Consultant (Windsor)



I was unfocused and had no forward movement in my career when I started coaching with Nina. She helped me focus on what the problems were and where I wanted to direct my life.

The coaching has helped me to have a more positive attitude and take responsibility for my decisions.
Her approach is flexible and she is very easy to talk with. Our sessions were always relaxed and easy going.
Nina is really good at what she does and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to make a change in his or her life.

MN – Wimbledon



Before I started coaching procrastination was a real problem. The coaching enabled me to talk about my personal frustrations and fears that were stopping me reach my goals. Nina was able to see things objectively and provide insights and observations, which produced a number of “aha” moments for me. Her proactive, results orientated approach to each session gave the experience a real focus under which the problems I was experiencing were put into perspective and solutions were found. She helped me to develop a plan of action and held me accountable.

I now have a greater awareness of thought and speech patterns that were counterproductive and have developed a little more perspective on my life. As a result I have a more balanced approach and am enjoying life more.

My advice … take advantage of the initial consultation to get to know Nina and answer any questions you may have. Then let your intuition guide you.

There was never any doubt that the objective of the sessions was me, getting me from where I was to where I wanted to be. I learnt, took action and got moving. Thanks Nina

SS – South West London



Now, with Nina's support, I'm in a relationship, I'm healthier, in much better shape financially, I have a larger more intimate circle of friends, I have a great new car, I'm happier and I'm enjoying life much more.

Dr WD – South West London




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Nina's approach is flexible and she is very easy to talk with. Our sessions were always relaxed and easy going.